2010 Power Soca Monarch & Road March Winner – JW & Blaze

JW & Blaze had quite a Carnival. It’s unanimous – ‘PALANCE’ won Trinidad Carnival 2010 Soca Monarch & Road March for the 1st time and set records in the process. The win by the duo not only marks the most times a song has ever been played over Carnival, but also goes down in history for winning by the largest margin ever (377). ‘PALANCE’ was played a record 417 times at the judging point over Carnival Monday and Tuesday, with Fay-Ann Lyon’s ‘TRUE LIES’ in a distant second with just 40 plays.

2010 Roadmarch Results
Rank . Artist . Song Title . Times Played
1. JW & Blaze – Palance (417)
2. Fay-Ann Lyons – True Lies (40)
3. Machel Montano – No Behaviour (11)

bMobile Blackberry In’tl ‘POWER’ Soca Monarch Results
1. JW & Blaze – Palance (81 points)
2. Fay-Ann Lyons – True Lies (64 points)
3. Shal Marshall & Screws – Police (60 points)
4. Tallpree – Wicked Jab (56 points)

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I would not believe it if I didn’t see it. Last night Beyonce was in concert in Trinidad with opening act Machel Montano. My good friend, Hypa Hoppa (Radioactive/Red 96.7fm), attended the concert and guess what Beyonce did? PALANCE!!!!!


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