2017 Teaser

2017 TEASER from ThisIsJester on Vimeo.

HAPPY NEW YEAR & THANK YOU […and Press Play] 🥂🍾
2016 was a year full of amazing moments and I’m thankful for each and every one of them. From playing Jordan Brand’s Private NBA All Star Weekend Event at Casa Loma (Drake, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Future, Lebron, KD, Spike Lee, etc….what a night!) to ATVing in the Dubai desert. I learned that anything is possible and there’s room to learn more. Inspiration came from seeing new things and talking to a few new people as well as some familiar faces. I learned what an f-stop & ISO are…lol…. adding videography/photography to my to-do list (still learning). I will never forget the moments… that’s what 2016 was about for me – capturing moments. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Thank God I get to see another year. 2017 is here. The journey continues. You ready? Inspired by LIFE. #ItsNotAJoke

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